Talent Days

geniusz_tehetsegnap_205One of the most important achievements of the Hungarian Genius Program is the organization of Talent Days within and outside the borders of Hungary. The first Talent Days of 2006 have grown into a movement: several towns and local communities joined the initiative and organized their own Talent Days. The Program aims at organizing about 500 events in 2011, involving at least 50,000 people in Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Serbia and Ukraine.

These Talent Days are partly professional meetings, where experts, program leaders and those who support talents can meet each other. On the other hand, talented young people may also introduce themselves at such occasions.

The Talent Days are events where local communities can say thanks to talent supporters – teachers, experts, mentors, artist-teachers, coaches. These occasions can turn the attention of the public to unfolding talent and promising youth, and they can strengthen everybody’s willingness to realize their potential and recognize talent supporters. As well as Talent Days indirectly contribute to making society aware that talent and talent support work is valuable

A list of TalentDay organised in the framework of the Hungarian Genius Program may be found on our website.
On these days local talents and talent support councils were introduced from all age and types. Exhibitions, round-table discussions, counselling of the talented and gifted, and establishing of local networks occurred at this time.

European TalentDay 2011

Great interest was experienced about the movement of TalentDays. This has inspired  to give birth to the the first European Day of the Talented and Gifted (in short: European TalentDay) during the Hungarian EU Presidency.The Hungarian EU Presidential Conference on Talent Support was held in  the Budapest History Museum on 7-8 April, 2011. The First European TalentDay was held in the Hungarian Culture Foundation on 9 April, 2011. The conference  was organised by the Ministry of National Resources, the Hungarian Genius Programme and the National Talent Programme. This event was attended by some 300 guests from more than 20 countries.

For more information about European TalentDay please go to European Day of The Talented and Gifted's website


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