Best Practices

One of the aims of the Hungarian Genius Program is to collect and disseminate best talent support methods that are in use in Hungary and countries abroad. Best practice can be any activity that fits into the process of talent support, concerns a subfield (e.g. recognising and identifying the talent, talent support activities, counselling etc.), or combines a complex talent support program of several fields.

It is important that the procedure should be well-practiced, for example, the program needs to have been running for several years. Thus, the process and the effects of the program may be checked and monitored.The summary and the presentation of all this information and experience provides the central theme of the best practices and enables the exchange of experience, within the Hungarian Genius Network or by publishing it outside the network. The best practices appear on the website in a continuously updated database and on the best practices map as well as in print.

Best practices published on the project website are arranged according to target audience, age groups and talent domains. The choice of methods offered include arts and crafts for kindergarten kids, board games or drama pedagogy for teenagers, experiment based science classes for would-be scientists and much more. All best practices are linked to the institutions where these exemplary methods are practiced. Contact information is provided in order to help those interested gain first-hand experience and advice.

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